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Protein research is as much a rewarding field as it is time consuming. From the preparation of the gel, running the samples, staining the bands to the transfer to a membrane, the entire process that used to take days to finish can now be completed in one hour by using the new Prosieve Ex product family for protein separation and transfer

PAGEr™ EX Gels designed for fast 20–25 minute separations with a 12 month shelf life using the ProSieve™ EX Running Buffer.     

ProSieve™ EX Running Buffer offers a less than 30 minute separation time for any Tris-glycine gel

ProSieve™ EX Western Blot/Transfer Buffer can be used with any Tris-glycine gels for a 10 minute transfer.                

ProSieve™ EX Safe Stain reduces the staining process down to just 1 step in 10 minutes.       

ProSieve™ EX Stain Enhancer reduces Coomassie staining down to 15 minutes.        

ProSieve™ QuadColor™ Protein Marker provides accurate confirmation of protein transfer in the range of 4.6 kDa–300 kDa.

The Prosieve Ex joins the family of protein isolation and quantitation ITSIPrep from ITSI Biosciences and the DyLight fluorescent conjugate secondary antibodies from KPL in addition to the ITSI antibodies and recombinant proteins and ELISA and Western Blot kits offered by both KPL and ITSI Biosciences










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