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Do you work with primary cells or difficult to transfect cell lines and face problems with transfection efficiency with your current method? Are your transfection reagents toxic to your precious cells? Viral transduction requires a lot of expensive safety measures that not everyone can afford and you are looking for an alternative. The alternative is the Amaxa Nucleofector from Lonza. Nucleofection is the transfection method invented by the biotechnology company Amaxa, now owned by Lonza. 
Nucleofection uses a combination of optimized electric pulses (electroporation) and cell specific solutions to deliver your substrate into the nucleus of the cell in addition to the cytoplasm. With the Nucleofector you can transfect non dividing cells, and even detect gene expression as early as 4 hours post Nucleofection. The Nucleofector provides the most efficient non viral transfection method with the highest cell viability possible so you can keep your precious cells while achieving the transfection efficiency you desire with almost any substrate. 
For your convenience the Nucleofector kits are available in 10 reactions, 25 reactions and 100 reactions kit for different transfection needs. Each kit includes the cuvettes, pipettes, Nucleofector substrate and solution and a max GFP control florescent vector. Unlike other transfection system that requires the re-use of disposable accessories, the Nucleofector cuvettes and pipettes are single use only to prevent contamination to your cells, and each kit comes with enough cuvettes and pipettes for the number of reactions per kit.


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