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If your work leads to downstream therapeutic, diagnostic, or biopharmaceutical applications, serum-free media is the best choice for initiating your research studies.

Serum-Free media offers many advantages to serum-supplemented media such as

 Better growth of cells, at higher densities, and/or producing higher yields of end products such as viruses and proteins

 Improved control over culture conditions and avoidance of any serum cytotoxicity.

 Improved reproducibility between cultures; consistency of media that avoids the need to screen serum batches

 Optimized formulas for specific cell types

 Easier to purify recombinant proteins

The resulting product from the cultures will have less contaminants if Serum Free Medium is used instead of classical medium and serum

Our Serum Free Media product range is quite extensive and includes, but not limited to, the following

 TheraPEAK MSCGM-CD Mesenchymal Stem Cell Medium, Chemically Defined

 X-VIVO 10 Chemically Defined, Serum-free Hematopoietic Cell Medium

 UltraMEM Reduced Serum Medium



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