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Which staining solution are you currently using? Is a non-toxic less mutagenic dye beneficial for you?

Detection with Ethidium bromide is not very sensitive. Do you think a 5 to 10 times higher sensitivity will help you?

Do you use a lot of your precious PCR sample on the gel? Would a staining solution requiring less of your sample be more beneficial to you?

Introducing the Lonza GelStar Nucleic Acid Stain, a non-toxic, less mutagenic fluorescent dye which is not charged and therefore not running out of the gel.

Sensitivity is up to 10 times higher than it is for Ethidium bromide, while using less volume of your precious sample

 Detect as little as 20 pg of DNA or 3 ng of RNA.

 Cast gels with GelStar Stain or quickly post stain.

 No destaining required.





GelStar Stain

Ethidium Bromide Stain

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