Text Box: ITSI Biosciences is the latest company to join our team of world leading suppliers in biomedical research. ITSI Biosciences develops and manufactures ready to use sample preparation kits and bioanalytical reagents for biomedical research, namely in the field of proteomics and protein research. 

With the understanding that your time is precious and that accurate, reproducible results are a researcher’ top priority, ITSI develops its ITSIPrep sample preparation kits to reduce the sample preparation time by 45% when compared to similar preparation kits. With ITSIPrep kits, you are guaranteed standardized, validated, reproducible and cost effective results. ITSI also helps you reduce the time required for sample analysis by 30% with its standardized, validated and easy to use quantification kits. 

ITSI is particularly known for its Total Protein Isolation Kit for 2D-DIGE (ToPI-DIGE) and 2D-PAGE (ToPI-PAGE) other featured products from the ITSI Bio range include 

ProDM – Protein Digestion Monitoring kit.
ToPI-U – Kit for Isolation and Concentration of proteins from Urine.
ToPI-F2 – Kit for isolation of proteins from Formalin-Fixed paraffin Embedded specimens.
ASK – Specialized kit for selective removal of Albumin from serum, plasma and cell culture prior to biochemical or mass spectrometric analysis.
For more information #please visit http://www.itsibio.com
Text Box: Genomic and Proteomic Research

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