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Whether your work is in Cell or Molecular Biology, you need reliable products guaranteed not to interfere with your work and alter your results. Your disposable lab ware is an important part of that equation that cannot be undervalued, and as a worldwide leading supplier of disposable plastic ware products, Greiner Bio One understands that value. 
All of Greiner Bio One products come with a quality guarantee to meet all your lab needs for sterility, lack of contaminants and compatibility with your lab equipment. Operating in the Egyptian market for more than twenty years, Greiner Bio One has become a standard of quality for Egyptian and international scientists alike. Greiner Bio One is a name scientists rely on in their needs for:
	- Cell and Tissue Culture Vessels
	- Micro plates and ELISA plates					
	- Tubes and Multi-purpose beakers 
	- PCR Tubes and Plates
	- Liquid handling (Pipettes and Pipette tips) 

For more information #please visit http://www.greinerbioone.com/en/start/
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