Text Box: Fine Chemicals & Electrophoresis
Text Box: In 1953 chemist Dr. Nikolaus Grubhofer established a company for fine biochemicals and reagents to serve scientists all over the world and thus named it SERVA. More than 50 years later its substantial knowledge and expertise made SERVA the trusted supplier of biochemicals and reagents in Egypt.  
Known for its high quality products such as albumins, cell culture collagenase, Antibiotics, Protease Inhibitor mixes, and electrophoresis reagents, SERVA places customer satisfaction above all considerations. 
To put it in their own words “SERVA's commitment is to meet the changing needs of scientists while sustaining consistently high product quality and customer service.” 
For more information please visit : http://www.serva.de

To contact us:

Text Box: 45 ROAD 77 Maadi - 11431 Cairo Egypt

Phone1:  +202 2378 1946
Phone2:  +202 2751 3975
Fax:        +202 2380 3028
Email1: maadi@maadimed.net
Email2: maadi.med@tedata.net.eg