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A pioneer in biomedical research products, Takara Bio is a household name and a leading supplier of PCR and Molecular Biology products.


Takara Bio was established as a manufacturer and supplier of restriction enzymes and has moved on to provide solutions to every conceivable PCR problem from fast PCR reaction to Hot Start and Proof reading enzymes. Even though PCR work has become quiet routine for most research labs, it is still a very sensitive technique and susceptible to errors, an issue that Takara’s PCR enzymes and kits are dedicated to overcome

Takara’s Emerald Amp PCR master mix with its optimized buffer, PCR enzyme, dNTP mixture, and green gel loading dye has quickly become our researcher’s favourite go to product. 

 In addition to traditional PCR, Takara is also a pioneer in qPCR and RT-PCR products with new, improved and optimized enzymes that take into consideration downstream applications such as Gene Expression and gene cloning.


Takara is renowned for its unique and innovative PCR products, restriction enzymes, cell biology products and molecular biology reagents


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